Group Workshop for Parents of Teens by Neuma Psychological Services

Hey, Milwaukee area Parents! Zach Meyer has specialized in working with teens for 14 years and is excited to share his knowledge with you in a new group workshop for parents of teenagers. Zach wants to give you the tools you need to stay connected and support your teens’ mental health. Come find out what’s normal during the teenage years, what your teens need most from you as a parent during this time, and what behaviors merit some professional attention. is one hour workshop will begin with some education on the day’s topic, and will conclude with a chance to ask questions. Monday, February 6th, we will be discussing the many forms of ANXIETY that can show up during adolescence, including social anxiety, academic anxiety, and panic attacks. On the 13th, we will be discussing DEPRESSION. And on the 20th, we will be discussing TEEN CULTURE, including peer relationships, use of technology, etc. Cost is only $25 each week. Call or email to reserve a spot, as space is limited. I hope you’ll join us!