What does the Name REDGEN stand for?

REDgen stands for resiliency(R), education(E), and determined(D) to make a difference in the health of a new generation (gen).


To advocate for the mental health and well being of all youth.


To positively impact a new generation of resilient youth who embrace a lifestyle of balance and a healthy definition of success.


The pressures of school, extracurricular activities, relationships, parents, peers, and endless unavoidable online social networks.

Our kids and teenagers carry this load daily.

Many of them are doing just fine. Many of them are doing better than that. But some of our kids are struggling, and recent years have seen a sobering rise in teens battling anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts, sometimes with devastating results.

We owe it to our kids to set them up for success. That means fostering meaningful connections and teaching our kids the coping skills to build resilience and reach their full potential. 

REDgen was formed out of a duty of care. We foster active community conversations around what it means to live a balanced life with healthy definitions of success. 

Mental health has no boundaries. It affects people from all walks of life. REDgen is committed to promoting the wellness everyone deserves.

 You may have come to this website out of curiosity sparked by a REDgen-hosted talk or activity in your community. Or you may be seeking help. We hope you find answers to your questions here, or perhaps doors that lead you to answers… and to a community that cares.